Dos and Don'ts at Stag Parties

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Published: 11th November 2010
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Even though the content of a stag party activity and enjoyment is vital, etiquette too have to be followed. There are certain clear dos and don'ts for stag parties. These 'cardinal rules' can help you and everyone else to have fun but not face any embarrassment. Purpose of stag do is always to celebrate the transition of bachelor to man or quite simply the initiation for the non-initiated!

Do: Plan the stag night according to the taste with the groom to be.

Don't: In case your friend isn't confident with a particular activity, usually do not push him. The truth is that activity shouldn't even be out there!

Do: Hear the any concern or suggestion the fiance-to-be has from the stag party.

Don't: It really is not recommended to misuse or abuse the trust bride has in your soul has her future husband's best man and close buddy. Concurrently, don't bow into her too.

Do: Contain the party little while before the specific wedding.

Don't: Having an event inside the same week since the wedding is stupidity and in having it ahead of the day's wedding is insanity.

Do: Ask the rest of the friends being invited for the stag night to contribute financially to the party.

Don't: A simple rule - Don't allow the groom being to spend. And there is absolutely no have to shoulder your entire cost yourself.

Do: Arrange a dinner party in the would-be groom's favourite restaurant. This will likely give elders and youngsters who won't be attending your stag night.

Don't: Going directly for your boozing is not a good idea minus the dinner.

Do: Play pranks and provides a memento the groom to become would appreciate in good taste. Are aware of the limits.

Don't: Stag night is perfect for enjoyment but not scarred memories and embarrassment. So don't hurt the groom to be in anyway.

Do: Send invites as soon as four weeks ahead when you have any friend flying in from some place.

Don't: Sending an invite in the last minute and expecting an audience... that does not happen.

Do: Invite the few guests the groom to become wants in the stag party.

Don't: It is absolutely insane to invite someone without talking to the groom being and also to invite someone from the bride's side. Remember 'What happens inside stag party, stays inside stag party'. No person from the bride's side is allowed!

Do: Buy stag night gag gifts for remembrance for all of us attending the party.

Don't: The gifts include the only remembrance. No camera or cell phone or video camera must be allowed.

Just as much as you know how to throw a celebration, it is also imperative that you go ahead and take party through your path. This way, everybody is able to enjoy and have a good time with virtually no unwanted mishaps. Read more: stag weekends

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